Most Powerful in the World - The Bilderberg Group Part 2

About the history of the organization known as the Bilderberg Group a collection of some of the world's most rich and powerful.



Exploits: Bilderbergers have shielded their privacy with such zealousness and skill over the years that it's been hard for outsiders to guess at what really goes on at meetings that include such leading world figures as British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, West German leader Helmut Schmidt, and former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. Papers assigned by the steering committee on such topics as world inflation, the Middle East, and the West's relationship with the third world are presented at each meeting but are never published and are given little importance by members. No votes are taken and no official positions are formulated on any issues. Bilderbergers who are willing to talk often say that making "contacts" is the single greatest benefit of attending a conference. Since the steering committee aims for a 20% turnover of new faces at each gathering, those who attend are able to meet people they might not otherwise have come in contact with. Former Under Secretary of State George W. Ball noted that Bilderberg meetings provide an "opportunity for responsible people in industry, statecraft, or politics to have a frank discussion where they will not be publicly quoted and are able to give their personal views without their remarks being considered official." President Eisenhower, who always sent one of his advisers to the conferences, said, "The Bilderberg meetings enlightened me; I'd get viewpoints from other than official channels."

Both right-wing and left-wing groups have alleged that Bilderberg leaders meet secretly to plan events that later appear to just happen. The John Birch Society has frequently claimed that the group is part of an international conspiracy, with the ultimate goal of founding a totally planned world economy and political system ruled by members of the Bilderberg Group and the Council on Foreign Relations. Birchers say the Bilderberg Group was responsible for the liberation of oil-rich Algeria and other oil-laden countries, and point out that the Algerian revolt in 1954 began a mere six months after the first Bilderberg Group meeting. Apparently members within the group control the sources of energy for the major industries of France and West Germany. The Treaty of Rome, which brought the Common Market into existence, is also said to have been nurtured at Bilderberg meetings, as is the formation of an international corporation to finance industrial development in the Near East. At least one tangible result can be traced to a Bilderberg meeting, And that is the formation of the Trilateral Commission, sometimes referred to as the "child of Bilderberg." For it was at a Bilderberg meeting that American financier David Rockefeller first broached the subject of forming a group of private individuals to work at strengthening an economic partnership involving North America, Europe, and Japan.

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