Animal Mating Systems Polygyny Promiscuity and Monogamy

About the different mating systems that animals have including examples of polygyny, promiscuity, and monogamy.


3 Animals That Share a Wife (Polyandry)

Examples of animals among which one female is bonded to several males at the same time include these birds.

1. Jacanas

2. Tasmanian hens

3. Tinamous

10 Animals That Share a Husband (Polygyny)

Among these and certain other animals, one male is bonded to several females at once during the breeding season.

1. Elks

2. Fur seals

3. Hamadryas baboons

4. Mountain sheep

5. Pheasants

6. Prairie chickens

7. Red grouse

8. Wild horses

9. Wrens

10. Yellow-bellied marmots

10 Animals That Are Monogamous

Monogamy, a pair-bond between a single male and female, is comparatively rare among mammals. Small songbirds, such as sparrows and warblers, are annually monogamous, forming new bonds each mating season. Perennially monogamous animals include:

1. Ducks

2. Eagles

3. Foxes

4. Geese

5. Gibbons

6. Lynx

7. Marmosets

8. Mountain lions

9. Swans

10. Wolves

10 Animals That Are Promiscuous

Promiscuity is characterized by the absence of even a temporary pair-bond between sexual partners. Mating among the following animals may still be a very selective process, but it is accompanied by no other relationship.

1. Bears

2. Birds of paradise

3. Bustards

4. Chimpanzees

5. Fruit-eating bats

6. Gazelles

7. Grouse

8. Sandpipers

9. Waterbucks

10. Wildebeests


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