U.F.O. Sightings and Encounters October 11 1973 Pascagoula Mississippi

About a U.F.O. sighting on October 11th, 1973 in Pascagoula, Mississippi, history and account of the encounter and description of the spaceship, official comment on the event.

Encounters with UFOs



It was a good night for fishing in Pascagoula. The hardheads and croakers were in season, and Charlie Hickson, 42, and his 19-year-old fishing buddy, Calvin Parker, were putting out their lines in a favorite spot on an old pier near the Schaupeter Shipyard. There was a soft breeze off the water, and the gentle sound of the waves lapping up against the hulk of the abandoned pier.

A few hours later the men were in a state of shock, relating a terrifying experience to Sheriff Fred Diamond. A bright blue object emitting a hazy light had appeared from the sky, Charlie and Calvin said, and had hovered a few yards from them. It was huge and shaped like a fish. Three creatures got out and approached the men. They were small, with wrinkled skin, clawlike hands, and pointed ears. Calvin fainted dead away, but Charlie, although in a state of semishock, remembers being taken into the craft. The creatures did not touch Charlie but rather "floated" him along in what he experienced as a weightless state.

Once inside he was examined carefully by being placed in front of an instrument that resembled a large eye. After the examination, he was "floated" back to the pier. Calvin was unconscious throughout, and as far as he knows, he was not taken aboard.

The two men were in such a profound state of shock that Sheriff Diamond was afraid they were going to have heart attacks as they gasped out their story. Eventually they calmed down enough to try to talk coherently about their experience, and Dr. James Harder of the University of California hypnotized them in an attempt to elicit a more detailed account.

"These are not imbalanced men," Dr. Harder commented. "They're not crackpots. There was definitely something here that was not terrestrial, not of the earth."

Eyewitness Report

"There was me, with just a spinning reel, and Calvin went hysterical on me. You can't imagine how it was."-Charlie Hickson

Official Comment

"Where they are coming from and why they are here is a matter of conjecture, but the fact that they were here on this planet is beyond reasonable doubt.... A strange craft from another planet did land in Mississippi."-Dr. J. Allen Hynek, scientific consultant to Air Force Project Blue Book

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