Time Capsules in America Crypt of Civilization

About the Crypt of Civilization at Oglethorpe College in Atlanta, the first serious attempt at a time capsule in America.


Crypt of Civilization

Located beneath the campus of Oglethorpe College in Atlanta, Ga., the Crypt of Civilization was the first successful serious attempt to preserve civilization. Conceived in 1935 by the university's president, Thornwell Jacobs, the swimming-pool-sized crypt was begun in 1938. It was completed and sealed in 1940, and is scheduled to be opened in 8113 A.D.

Filled with writings, newsreels, recordings, models, and samples, the crypt should give future people an excellent view of the world as of 1940. Included are seed samples, scientific instruments, and a device to teach English to the crypt's finders. Among some of the more unusual items are a quart of beer, a set of Lincoln Logs, a Donald Duck doll, some Artie Shaw records, a Negro doll, an electric Toastolater, and a pacifier.

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