Story Behind Inventors and Inventions Thermos Bottle

About the origins, history and story behind the scenes of the inventor and invention of the thermos bottle.

Extraordinary Stories behind Ordinary Objects That Had to Be Invented by Someone

Invention: Thermos bottle

Inventor: Sir James Dewar, England

Year: 1892

How Invented: British chemist Sir James Dewar developed the vacuum bottle for storing liquid gases. First known as Dewar bulbs, then sold under the trade name of Thermos, signifying hot, and finally called Thermos bottles, their purpose is to retard heat transfer. This is accomplished by placing one bottle inside another, then creating a vacuum between the walls to prevent heat loss by convection. To cut heat loss by radiation, the walls are coated with a heat reflector, silver solution of aluminum. A rubber collar at the top holds the bottles in place and also serves as a shock absorber. The Thermos bottle can keep liquids hot or cold for periods up to 24 hours.

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