Science Fiction Predictions Jules Verne

About the predictions of major sci-fi writer Jules Verne in his book 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea including a number of his successful predictions.

Predictor: JULES VERNE

Jules Verne (1828-1905) was perhaps the first SF author to warrant the name. His extraordinary voyages, whether set on Earth or out among the planets, revealed the glowing wonders of a science marveling at its new discoveries. Verne's first success was Five Weeks in a Balloon, but his best-known books are Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea (filmed by Walt Disney), From the Earth to the Moon, and The Mysterious Island (also put on the screen).


Published in 1873.

Successful Predictions:

* Self-propelled submarines capable of diving to the ocean's floor, maneuvering underwater, and moving at high speeds beneath the surface of the waves.

* Practical demonstrations of electrical power.

* Electrical clocks that are more accurate than other kinds.

* Electrical stoves and heating coils.

* Electrical generators and motors used in propelling large engines.

* Electrical lights and high-beam searchlights.

* Underwater aqualungs capable of sustaining life for hours at a stretch.

* Practical wetsuits to enable divers to work on the ocean floor.

* Submarine warfare, which renders surface ships helpless against hidden attack.

* Discovery of the South Pole (in Verne's version, most of the polar region is underwater).

Future Predictions:

* Seaweed cigarettes, complete with nicotine content.

* Underwater air guns using glass electric shells that shock their prey.

* Utilization of the ocean as a source for all food (the submarine Nautilus provisions itself entirely from the sea).

* Discovery of the ruins of Atlantis on the ocean bottom.

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