Science Fiction Predictions Hugo Gernsback Part 1

About the predictions of major sci-fi writer Hugo Gernsback and his book 124C 41+ includes a number of his successful science and technology predictions.



Hugo Gernsback (1884-1967) is justly regarded as the father of modern SF. After publishing several of his own SF stories in the experimental radio magazines he managed. Gernsback founded the first periodical specifically devoted to SF, Amazing Stories (1926): His early novel Ralph 124C 41 + is considered by scholars to be a classic of predictive SF. The major literary award in the SF field, the Hugo, is named after him.

Book: RALPH 124C 41+

Published in 1925. Set in 2660 A.D.

Successful Predictions:

* Television.

* Wireless power transmission.

* Televised phone calls.

* Transcontinental air service.

* Scientific research funded by the U.S. government.

* Photographs transmitted by radio.

* Sliding doors that are automatically controlled.

* Solar cells and energy in practical use.

* Sound movies.

* Mass transmission of entertainment programs to the home.

* Practical use of Earth's heat to produce steam.

* Synthetic milk and foods.

* Artificial cloth.

* Voiceprints used for identification.

* Tape recorders and recordings.

* Spaceflight.

Future Predictions:

* Instantaneous translation devices.

* Authors can autograph their books at a distance, with a special device which allows a person to write his name and have it transmitted simultaneously to special receivers at the opposite side of the globe.

* Room lighting is controlled by verbal command.

* Complete weather control.

* Electromagnetic tube elevators (no cables).

* Communication with alien species from outer space.

* Newspapers distributed on microfiche and viewed on wall projectors (the technology is available, but has never been used for mass distribution of this type).

* Microfiche images superimposed eight times upon each other.

* Thought recorders.

* School lessons and popular fiction can be transmitted directly to the brain via thought waves.

* Most instruction is absorbed by pupils while they sleep.

* News items can be transmitted directly to the brains of sleeping citizens early in the morning, before any of them wake.

* With the use of a special radium solution, the dead can be brought back to life provided their bodies have been perfectly preserved; hence, the achievement of practical immortality.

* Subatlantic electromagnetic subway tube (the trams are wheelless to eliminate friction).

* Electrical self-propelled shoes run by energy projected from central power stations.

* Streets are fashioned of stainless steel alloys.

* Iridium wire spirals at street corners change night into day.

* Special rooms in restaurants to increase one's appetite with hunger gases.

* Public eating places serve liquefied food, with flexible tubes for ingesting.

* Aircabs.

* Individual flying machines as a common means of transportation for ordinary citizens.

* Accelerated plant growth from superfertilizers and electrical stimulation.

* Automatic machine harvesting of plants.

* Disappearance of money as a means of exchange.

* Invisibility machines.

* Floating vacation cities 20,000 ft. above the earth.

* Antigravity machines.

* Anticrime devices that render felons rigid and helpless for 15 minutes.

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