Modern Scientist Predictions James F. Danielli

About the predictions both right and wrong of modern scientist James F. Danielli including cells, organisms, and cell transplants.


James Danielli, Joan Lorch, and Kwang W. Heon--all at the State University of New York at Buffalo--were the first to synthesize an artificial cell. It was made up of the parts of three different amoebas--the outer shell of one, the nucleus of another, and the cytoplasm from still another. Their experiments in cell synthesis of this kind have been 70% successful; the "new" cells have lived and reproduced. Danielli is well aware of the dangers of this kind of experimentation and warns against the carelessness that might create a completely new killer virus or some other uncontrollable and dangerous mutant. Currently, Danielli is teaching at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts.

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* Sewage-eating organisms could be developed for quick conversion of wastes.

* A desalting organism, a kind of living machine which would use only sunlight as fuel in a process to remove salt from seawater, might be created.

* It might be possible, with cell transplants, to create a creature that would be part horse, part man. However, Danielli adds, "I can't see any reason for doing it, mind you."

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