Famous Lasts The Last Wild West Stagecoach Robbery

About the famous last Wild West stagecoach robbery, history and information.


It was pulled off by a woman in 1898. Pearl Hart and Joe Boot, her accomplice, robbed the Globe, Ariz., stage. Pearl Hart, nee Taylor, was 27 and working in an Arizona mining camp as a cook. She convinced Joe Boot that there was more money to be made robbing stages. As the Globe stage turned a bend, the two robbers were waiting, armed with rifles. The three passengers, a drummer, a dude, and a Chinese gentleman, were thrown to the floor and ordered to "shell out." The drummer gave $390, the dude $36, and the Chinese $5. The coach was then ordered on its way. The last stage holdup had netted $431. During their escape, Pearl and Joe became hopelessly lost and then were drenched in a tremendous storm. Three days later they were found (rather than caught) by the local sheriff. When the prisoners arrived at Florence, Pearl was asked, "Would you do it again?" She replied, "Damn right, pardner." Boot got 35 years, Pearl got only 5. She was the sole female prisoner in the Yuma Territorial Prison, and the governor was relieved when he released her after 2 1/2 years. She was next heard of in 1903, when she was arrested at Deming, N.M., for conspiring to pull a train robbery, but she was released for lack of evidence. She was last seen in 1924, a small, innocent-looking 53-year-old woman, busy reminiscing--at the Pima County Jail.

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