Famous Family History Grigori Rasputin Children

About the family of famous Russian leader Grigori Rasputin, history of his sons and daughters.

GRIGORI RASPUTIN (1871?-1916),

Russian mystic, political figure

His Fruits: If only a small portion of Rasputin's reputed sexual exploits were true, he must have left progeny scattered throughout the steppes. Believing himself endowed with a superhuman lust that made meditation fruitless until he took care of more physical needs, he allied himself with the Khlisti sect, which practiced flagellation and erotic rites as expressions of spirituality. According to Maria Rasputin, "his female devotees... were drawn to the worship of his phallus, endowing it with mystical qualities as well as sexual ones, for it was an extraordinary member indeed, measuring a good 13 in. when fully erect... As their passions were aroused, there was a tendency to forget the ritualistic aspect... and the participants would fall into a general orgy... Invariably, after one of these rites, my father would spend long hours in meditation and prayer, and he would find that his concentration was undisturbed by any conflicting thought." Numerous mistresses and briefer partners served him (and apparently themselves) wherever he appeared in peasant village or royal palace. Even Alexandra, czarina of all the Russias, was not exempt from rumor, at least, in this regard.

Rasputin's wife, Praskovia Fedorovna Dubrovina, a blue-eyed village girl whom he married about 1891, was nothing if not complacent. "He has enough for all," she said.

Whatever the truth about Rasputin's king-size lust, he was, when home, a strict, affectionate father. Three children grew to adulthood. Son Dimitri and daughter Varya returned to Siberia after their father's assassination, and little is known of their subsequent lives.

Maria Grigorievna Rasputin (1900-1977), the eldest daughter, led a colorful, though often financially insecure, life. She married White Russian officer Boris Soloviev (?-1926) and fled to Paris with him after the Russian Revolution. She bore two daughters, and after his death became a cabaret dancer in Bucharest. Then, billed as the "daughter of the Mad Monk," she was a circus animal trainer. Performing with the Ringling Brothers Circus until a bear mauled her, she settled permanently in the U.S. and became an American citizen in 1945. She wrote various memoirs, the last being Rasputin: The Man Behind the Myth (1977). In her final years, she lived on Social Security in Los Angeles, gave Russian language lessons, and worked as a baby-sitter.

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