Biography of Electric Psychokinetic Anne-Marie Sch. Part 1

About the psychokinetic German Anne-Marie Sch., biography and history of the woman who caused strange electrical disturbances.


The Electric Phenomenon of Rosenheim

The extraordinary phenomena that manifested themselves in November, 1967, at Rosenheim in Bavaria, Germany, have been investigated by psychologists and parapsychologists and by Prof. Hans Bender, director of the Institute for the Frontiers of Psychology in Freiburg-im-Breisgau. Two physicists, F. Karger and G. Zicha, have also made a study of the phenomena.

Since the days of the Romans, if not earlier, parapsychological, psychokinetic phenomena have been recognized by the fact that there is an absorption of energy: the temperature drops. But the Rosenheim phenomenon also absorbs electrical energy, a completely new event that deserves serious study.

In November, 1967, the 8-ft.-long luminescent tubes in the ceiling of an attorney's office in Rosenheim began to become unscrewed of their own power. Switches tripped for no reason. Liquids from the photocopying machines came out of their containers and made everything wet. The four telephones rang simultaneously; there was no one at the other end. The telephone bills were enormous; the number for the correct time had been called thousands of times.

A preliminary study of the phenomenon was made by the electric company and by the Siemens Company, as well as by the German television networks, which presented the phenomenon in two episodes.

Then Professor Bender was called in. He found that the phenomenon always occurred in the presence of a 19-year-old employee whom he called Anne-Marie Sch.

Upon the complaint of the head of the office, Mr. Adam, the criminal police began their own investigation, the outcome of which was that no hoax could be detected. It was noted, for example, that a picture hung on the wall had rotated 320 degree, and that this rotation seems to have been due to paranormal forces.

The luminescent tubes were replaced by incandescent bulbs. These proceeded to burst.

In the presence of the experts, drawers opened by themselves, and a file cabinet weighing 385 lb. moved 1 ft. away from the wall.

Miss Sch. became ill and returned home, where the same phenomenon occurred. She changed jobs; identical events took place in her new office. Measuring instruments showed that the phenomenon absorbed electrical power. The same phenomenon called the correct time number five times a minute, without touching the dial!

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