World War I Russian Spy Col. Alfred Redl

About the Austro-Hungarian Col. Alfred Redl who worked as a Russian spy duing World War I.

Col. Alfred Redl. Austro-Hungarian. Worked for: Russia, W.W. I.

When the Russians learned that Col. Alfred Redl, head of the Austrian secret service, was a homosexual, they blackmailed him into committing treason against his homeland. At the beginning of W.W. I, when the Germans confiscated top-secret documents from Russian secret-service operations in Warsaw, the full extent of Redl's treachery was revealed. From 1903 to 1913, Redl was Russia's leading spy. His organization in Austria was both efficient and innovative. It was Redl who 1st used hidden cameras for surveillance, dusting powders for obtaining fingerprints, and who trained his agents in the methods of "shadowing." He had supplied Plan III, the entire Austrian invasion plan for Serbia, to the Russians, who turned it over to the Serbian military command. In addition to giving away all of his country's military secrets, he fed totally inaccurate estimates of Russia's military strength to Austrian battle strategists. Redl has been called one of history's greatest traitors, since his actions caused the slaughter of half a million of his countrymen. He was captured in Vienna after collecting his payoff money at a post office. Eventually he committed suicide.

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