Mystery Disappearance of the Crew of the Mary Celeste Part 2

About the mystery of the disappearance of the crew of the Mary Celeste a ship discovered sailing on the ocean completely abandoned, possible solutions.


Possible Solutions:

1. The crew of the Dei Gratia murdered everyone aboard the Mary Celeste for the salvage money. (If so, it was a less profitable venture than they had expected it to be.)

2. The crew of the Mary Celeste found water in the bilge, misinterpreted its importance, and abandoned the ship in panic. (If so, the captain, who was both level-headed and competent, was probably already dead of a heart attack or other illness at the time.)

3. The Mary Celeste was becalmed and run down by pirates, who boarded her and murdered everyone. (There was no evidence of pirates in that area at the time, however.)

4. Everyone on board died of plague. (What happened to the bodies?)

5. The ship was attacked by a giant squid.

6. Somehow the captain's wife had been killed, and the grieving captain had jumped overboard. The crew got drunk and, following a series of bloody fights, left the ship in groups. After the dead were buried at sea, the others sought land using the lifeboats.

7. In Strand Magazine, published in London in 1913, an Oxford M.A., Howard Luforth, gave this version, incredible as it may seem: A platform had been built by the crew from which they could observe the captain and his mate swim in a race around the ship. The 2 swimmers were eaten by a shark and the platform collapsed, dumping the crew in the sea.

8. The ship's cargo of alcohol had exploded. (There was no evidence of fire or explosion reported by the Dei Gratia boarding crew.)

9. A submarine had taken the captain and crew off the ship, carried them to the bottom of the ocean, then transferred them to a UFO which flew them into outer space.

10. One member of the crew was a homicidal maniac, who killed everyone on board and then committed suicide. (What happened to the bodies was not explained.)

11. According to spiritualists at a s├łance, Captain Briggs had found a newly arisen Atlantis, where he went ashore. Everyone left the ship to admire the meadows and marble houses on the marvelous island, whereupon the island sank again, drowning them all.

NOTE: Whatever the true cause, those on the Mary Celeste were never found. There is a painting of the Mary Celeste in the museum of the township of Aulec, New Brunswick. There is also, according to John Godwin in This Baffling World, a Mary Celeste museum. He says: "In New York City, at 45 Wall Street, a small museum dedicated to the mystery of the Mary Celeste is maintained by the Atlantic Mutual Insurance Company. The Mary Celeste Room simulates an underwriter's office of bygone days. Among the memorabilia is a 35" model of the ship, authentic in every detail. A lap desk, which originally belonged to the ship's master, stands exactly as it appeared when the vessel was boarded by the crew of the Dei Gratia."

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