Famous Baseball Players in the Hall of Fame with Plaque Inscriptions

About the some of the players in the Baseball hall of fame, inscriptions from their plaques listing records and achievements.

A Short Selection from the Baseball Hall of Fame

With Inscriptions from Plaques Honoring Elected

TYRUS R. COBB (1886-1961)

Detroit, Philadelphia, A.L. 1905-1928.

"Led American League in batting 12 times and created or equaled more major league records than any other player. Retired with 4,191 major league hits."

GEORGE H. (BABE) RUTH (1895-1948)

Boston, New York, A.L.; Boston, N.L. 1915-1935.

"Greatest drawing card in history of baseball. Holder of many home run and other batting records. Gathered 714 home runs in addition to 15 in World Series."

WALTER P. JOHNSON (1887-1946)

Washington, 1907-1927.

"Conceded to be fastest ball pitcher in history of game. Won 414 games with losing team behind him. Many years holder of strike out and shut out records."


New York, N.L. 1900-1916; Cincinnati, N.L. 1916.

"Greatest of all the great pitchers in the 20th century's 1st quarter. Pitched 3 shutouts in 1905 World Series. First pitcher of the century ever to win 30 games in 3 successive years. Won 37 games in 1908. 'Matty was master of them all.'"

HONUS WAGNER (1874-1955)

Louisville, N.L. 1897-1899; Pittsburgh, N.L. 1900-1917.

"The greatest shortstop in baseball history. . . . Known to fame as 'Honus,' 'Hans,' and 'The Flying Dutchman.' Retired in 1917, having scored more runs, made more hits, and stolen more bases than any other player in the history of his league."


Philadelphia (N) 1896-1900; Philadelphia (A) 1901; Cleveland (A) 1902-1914; Philadelphia (A) 1915-1916.

"Great hitter and most graceful and effective 2nd-baseman of his era. Managed Cleveland 4 years. League batting champion 1901-03-04."


Boston (A) 1909-1915; Cleveland (A) 1916-1926; Washington (A) 1927; Philadelphia (A) 1928.

"Greatest centerfielder of his day. Lifetime major league batting average of .344. Manager in 1920 when Cleveland won its 1st pennant and world championship."

DENTON (CY) YOUNG (1867-1955)

Cleveland (N) 1890-1898; St. Louis (N) 1899-1900; Boston (A) 1901-1908; Cleveland (A) 1909-1911; Boston (N) 1911.

"Only pitcher in 1st 100 years of baseball to win 500 games. Among his 511 victories were 3 no-hit shutouts. Pitched perfect game May 5, 1904, no opposing batsman reaching 1st base."


"Great N.L. pitcher for 2 decades with Phillies, Cubs, and Cardinals starting in 1911. Won 1926 World Championship for Cardinals by striking out Lazzeri with bases full in final crisis at Yankee Stadium."

EDWARD T. COLLINS (1887-1951)

Philadelphia-Chicago; Philadelphia, A.L. 1906-1930.

"Famed as batsman, base runner and second baseman and also as field captaain. Batted .333 during major league career, 2nd only to Ty Cobb in modern base stealing. Made 3,303 hits in 2,826 games."

HENRY L. GEHRIG (1903-1941)

New York Yankees, 1923-1939.

"Holder of more than a score of Major and American League records, including that of playing 2,130 consecutive games. When he retired in 1939, he had a lifetime batting average of 340."

WILLIE KEELER (1872-1923)

"Hit 'em where they ain't!"

"Baseball's greatest place-hitter; best bunter. Big league career 1892 to 1910 with N.Y. Giants, Baltimore Orioles, Brooklyn Superbas, N.Y. Highlanders. National League batting champion '97-98."

GEORGE H. SISLER (1893-1973)

St. Louis-Washington, A.L.; Boston, N.L. 1915-1930.

"Holds 2 American League records, making 257 hits in 1920 and batting .419 in 1922. Retired with Major League average of .341. Credited with being one of best 2 fielding 1st basemen in history of game."

ROGERS HORNSBY (1896-1963)

"National League batting champion 7 years--1920 to 1925; 1928. Lifetime batting average .358 highest in National League history. Hit .424 in 1924, 20th-century Major League record. Manager 1926 World Champions St. Louis Cardinals. Most Valuable Player 1925 and 1929."

JOSHUA (JOSH) GIBSON (1911-1947)

Negro Leagues 1930-1946

"Considered greatest slugger in Negro Baseball Leagues. Power-hitting catcher who hit almost 800 home runs in League and independent baseball during his 17-year career. Credited with having been Negro National League Batting Champion in 1936-38-42-45."

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