Cause of the War of the Oaken Bucket in Italy

About the casuse of the war between Bologna and Modena, two states in Italy over an oaken bucket.

YEAR: 1325

WAR: War of the Oaken Bucket

PLACE: Italy

OPPONENTS: Independent State of Bologna v. State of Modena

PROVOCATION: Regiment of Modena soldiers invaded Bologna to steal a brown oak bucket. During the raid, Modena troops murdered several hundred Bologna citizens. Bologna mobilized, went to war to recover the bucket and restore honor.

RESULT: A 12-year war, with thousands of lives lost. Modena won the battle of Zappolino, kept the bucket. Today, the Secchia repita (stolen bucket) may be seen in the bell tower of the Ghirlandina, a 14th-century campanile behind the modern cathedral.

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