Biography of Famous Vegetarians Sir Isaac Pitman

About the famous English vegetarian and linguist Sir Isaac Pitman, history and biography of the man.

SIR ISAAC PITMAN. 1813-1897. English.

--Fired from a cloth factory for being a Swedenborgian. Established a school and taught in Bath. Became interested in phonography, a means of spelling based on phonetics or sound. Invented a system of soundhand or shorthand (at the suggestion of a publisher), and when he was 24 published Pitman's Stenographic Soundhand. Established a Phonetic Institute and edited a phonetic journal. Was applauded by press and business since his shorthand proved to be a timesaving boon for reporters and secretaries. Was internationally acclaimed as shorthand manuals were soon translated into dozens of languages, including Welsh, Bengali, and Japanese. Sent his brother to the U.S. in 1853 to establish a shorthand institute in Cincinnati. Twice married. Knighted 2 1/2 years before his death.

--Was on a "piurli vejetable deiet" because it gave him bodily health and high spirits. Ate 3 moderate meals a day, mostly fruits, did not even drink tea until later in life. Rejected alcoholic beverages and tobacco. Was vice-president of the London Vegetarian Society, and when the members honored him upon his knighthood, he wrote them that he owed "mei long kontiniud helth and pouer" to "the dietetik principelz ov yur soseieti." Wrote to The Times of London that "dispepsia woz karriing me tu the grave." Advised by doctors to eat animal food 3 times a day instead of once, but diet made him grow "wurz." Turned vegetarian and "graduali rekuvered mei dijestiv pouer, and hav never nown that I hav a stumik."

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