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Subscription: Quarterly; $5 for six issues; P.O. Box 684, San Francisco, Calif. 94101; circulation 1,500.

Subject Matter: MNN is a national journal of the antipsychiatry movement. It reports personal experiences of former mental patients, institution workers, and others opposed to coercive psychiatric treatment.

Sample Material: "The two most dangerous attributes of the psychiatrists I have known are their power vis-a-vis their `patients' and their reactionary and individualistic world view. My therapists decided which problems to discuss; they chose the labels to brand me with; they told me whom to blame and what to do about it. . . keeping the control over my life in my own hands means that I decide what I want to work on. I choose which problems I feel I can face and which ones I don't want to deal with (yet?). It also means I trust my perceptions, my feelings and my intuition."

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